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A lot continued

On the 14th we celebrated (kind of) our 9th wedding anniversary.  The day before that Russ wasn’t feeling very well but he felt well enough the day of that we were able to go to the temple and then got some lunch from the new Chinese restaurant in town.  The plan was to really celebrate with a little get away Thurs-Sat.  Russ had a conference to attend in Salt Lake on Friday so we arranged for Russ’s parents to tend for us so we could have some time with just the two of us.  Well, Wednesday when we were headed to bed I went in to check on Brooklyn and she had thrown up and not bothered to wake up.  So, Russ and I got things cleaned up (he is such great help!) and the next day he headed out of town on his own.  Brooklyn ended up being fine the rest of the time, but Connor ended up throwing up on Saturday, so I was glad I was home with the kids.

When Russ came home, he brought Maya.  She is my brother’s (Scott) family’s dog and we are keeping her for them until they get back from Chile in a couple of years.  She has been great with the kids and I am glad to have a chance to have a “trial” dog to see if I can tolerate it.


Let’s see.  Brooklyn had kindergarten registration and got a perfect score on her assessment.  She is already reading, so I hope that they will be able to find things to do to keep her engaged and challenged.

A week after Russ returned from Salt Lake, he had to make another trip up there.  He left on  a Sunday afternoon and made it back on a Thursday night.  He has been asked to work with a neurologist in Salt Lake that will be providing telemedicine for our area.  Russ will be doing the hands on assessments and such while the doctor in Salt Lake will be participating through video.  So Russ had to go up for some training.  I guess it’s good for him to go away for a few days so I can be reminded of how much he does for us and how much I appreciate him.

Sunday after he headed out the kids wanted me to video them.  So here are some random videos of them that I am sure will bore many of you, but I thought some day we will really enjoy having them.

(For some reason, I can’t get Brooklyn’s video to load.  Grr!)

That week Connor decided he was ready to ride a pedal bike and after a couple of times of me helping him get started, he was riding like a pro.

Austin had an assignment to do an ancestor report and he decided he wanted to make a movie for part of his report.  Grandma Daniels gave us a great idea for an ancestor to do the report on and we enlisted the help of some neighborhood kids and had a fun time making the following movie:

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A Lot!

Let’s see…we’ve been busy with a big project in the backyard.  We have water to our garden and the beginnings of a new flower bed.


Before (mostly)


In the mess

We enjoyed Easter.  The Saturday before we had a little egg hunt with candy for the kids.  We dyed eggs.  Sunday we did our scriptural egg hunt and strengthened our testimonies of our Savior through the story of His death and resurrection.



The day after Easter the family performed at the nursing home.  At Christmas Russ’s service gift to Austin was to take him to the nursing home to play the piano and sing.  Austin had asked a few times when it was going to happen and Russ finally got it all arranged.

We enjoyed some reading.


And we really enjoyed two visitors.  My brother, Kent, was able to fly into the Blanding airport with one of his helicopter students and visit briefly.  It was great to see him, even if just for a little bit, and the kids loved getting to check out the helicopter.

DSCF1433 DSCF1436 DSCF1439

Later that day my sister, Emily, and her family came.  We were able to have them with us for a couple of days and thoroughly enjoyed the time we had with them.  I wish we lived closer to family because our kids sure enjoy when they get to spend time with their cousins.  While they were here we explored Spirit Cave in the morning.

DSCF1440 DSCF1452 DSCF1460

In the afternoon we went to the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) Expo.  A few things we did included rock climbing, running a large equipment simulator, making smoke rings, making floam, soldering, and building and shooting off rockets.  There was a lot to see and do and the kids had fun.

DSCF1472 DSCF1474 DSCF1476 DSCF1470

It’s my bedtime, so I’ll have to finish catching up another day.

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Spring Break and Birthdays

We had a new adventure as a family for spring break this year: we drove from our house to Tempe, AZ on Friday the 6th but we didn’t begin our journey until after Russ got off work.  We have never done this before and we weren’t sure we would make it all the way (because we are wimpy when it comes to driving at night) but we succeeded.  We just really wanted to have as much time at our vacation location as possible.  We got away around 4:45 pm and arrived at 11:15 pm.  We were grateful it went well.

Russ’s niece and her husband were so kind to let us come and stay with them for our trip (thanks Mike and Heidi!).  Saturday we enjoyed the Aloha Festival where we got to (try to) learn the ukulele and make paper leis and eat some good food.

IMG_20150307_112840 IMG_20150307_113542

We then enjoyed an incredible park (Riverview Park) where I got to climb to the top of a 50 foot climbing tower and the kids enjoyed the splash pad and the zipline and all sorts of other fun toys.  I definitely recommend going there if you are in there area with kids (actually, even if you don’t have kids I would just pretend like you do because it is such a fun park). There was even someone there painting faces.


On Sunday we went to church and I was very glad we weren’t home trying to get to church at 8:30 on the first day of daylight savings.  The kids actually didn’t have to adjust to daylight savings until we needed to wake up for church the following week.  We enjoyed a relaxing sabbath day with a nice walk around the neighborhood, a delicious kebab dinner and some games.

Monday morning Russ and I left the kids and found a pool and did some lap swimming, which was really great, even though I can’t go for very long before my legs are rubber.  Later in the morning we did some shopping while Heidi and Melissa watched the kids for us.  Then we went to lunch at Raising Cane’s and got dessert at Slickables, both of which were very tasty.  The kids enjoyed some time in the hot tub swimming pool and we watched Big Hero 6 that day as well.


Tuesday we hit the Children’s Museum in the morning.  It was fun, but very crowded with a couple of different schools in the area having field trips there.  DSCF1308 DSCF1312 DSCF1314 DSCF1315 DSCF1325 DSCF1326 DSCF1328

Russ and I deserted our kids again (I am sensing a theme here…sorry to make you babysit so much, Melissa, Heidi and Mike!) and did some more shopping and dinner.  The kids got to watch another movie while we were out – Wreck-It Ralph (which Russ and I haven’t seen) and enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by Heidi.

Wednesday we did more shopping (yet another theme that has to be present whenever we leave town since we have little access to shopping at home) before enjoying lunch with everyone at Chick-fil-A (another first, for me and the kids, at least).  From there we parted ways and hit the road for home.  We had an uneventful return trip (other than losing an hour) and were happy to be home again at the end of the day.

Saturday we were thrilled to be able to celebrate Connor’s 3rd birthday.  This was the first time we have been home for his birthday and it was wonderful.  We needed to clean our rental, so we took the kids with us and they played at the school playground across the street while we worked at the rental.  We got things taken care of there and enjoyed the rest of the day playing with the kids. Connor is such a fun boy.  He loves his older brother and sister and playing right along with them. He loves to be silly and really enjoys riding his bike.  He is a good worker and is great at sharing.  We are so glad he is part of our lives.DSCF1329 DSCF1333 DSCF1335

Russ turned a year older on Friday.  Jessica was kind to babysit for us in the morning so Russ and I took a motorcycle ride south of town and went on a hike and then went to lunch at the new Chinese restaurant in town.  That night we had pizza, watched “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ and enjoyed strawberry-lime shortcake with coconut cream.  I had a fun day and hopefully Russ did too!

DSCF1360 DSCF1371

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More snow!

Last week on Monday school was cancelled due to the snow.  It has been snowing much of the day today, but it is warm enough that it is not really accumulating.  It was snowy yesterday morning and I got to shovel.  I love shoveling snow and I have a great husband who isn’t afraid of housework so yesterday morning he vacuumed downstairs while I got to go outside and shovel.  I was in heaven!  This love is probably incomprehensible to some of you, but I think my love of shoveling stems from memories of shoveling with my family.  My dad worked for a landscape company and during the winters that is what he did.  He would leave in the middle of the night, shovel all day, get home in the early evening and then shovel the neighborhood too.  I worked for that landscaping company also and was able to shovel snow with him a couple of times.  I also enjoyed shoveling our driveway (and sometimes our roof) as a family.  Working together always creates great memories.  The snow also makes me less homesick for my Idaho mountains.

Russ and I were able to attend a session at the temple yesterday.  When it finished we had the privilege of being able to stay and help clean the temple.  I think it is so wonderful when we get the opportunity to help take care of the facilities that we use in the church.  It gives us a sense of responsibility and ownership.  I love having my kids go help clean the church.  I remember doing it with my family and once again have great memories of working together to get it looking nice for Sunday meetings.  A statement from “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” has always rung true with me: “Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of … work and wholesome recreational activities.”

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We woke up to snow this morning! It has been so warm lately and the winter has been very pathetic, so it is nice to have some more moisture here, especially snow for the mountain.  We have had some sick kids in the house.  Connor had RSV and needed the nebulizer quite a bit.  It is nice to have him healthy again.  Now Brooklyn is sick.  She had a runny nose yesterday and then was up a lot in the night with a fever, cough and sore throat.  Russ and I played tag team staying home from church with her today.  He went to his early meetings then he came home so I could take the boys to their classes and go to Relief Society.  Then I came home so that he could go fulfill his responsibilities during sacrament meeting.  She sure has been sick a LOT lately.  Hopefully she will outgrow it soon.

For valentine’s day Austin decided to make a snake box.  I thought he did a good job. For breakfast on Valentine’s day we had blueberry muffins dyed pink and pink milk.  Russ and I had a date planned, but Russ was sick, so we cancelled and just relaxed at home that day.

DSCF1254 DSCF1257

Friday night we had some people over for dinner.  The girl had just returned from her mission to Joao Pessoa.  It was so fun to speak Portuguese and talk about the places that we served.  I think technology is such a blessing to missionaries now.  Digital cameras have made it so much easier to take a lot more pictures and email and facebook and such things make it so much easier to stay in touch with the people.  I wish I had that when I was a missionary.  There are some people I have really wondered about ever since coming home.  Mailing letters was the only way to communicate and there weren’t even good addresses for a lot of the people so after a couple of unanswered letters, I had no other resources for reaching out. I am glad things are easier now.

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